Reason for rejection?

Honestly wasn’t expecting this

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

I personally like it. but not as a track for sale on an audiojungle. in my opinion a too intrusive piano. It is better to include such a melody in the piano arpeggio and often not play the same note. There is no latitude in the mix. not enough brightness, in my opinion. the drums are deaf and not merged with the rest of the instruments. I don’t hear the bass, it’s not there? The guitar sounds very blurry, and in the middle of the panorama. Would you like to expanded it with a delay? it’s better to do this if it plays not arpeggio but a melody or simple accompaniment. for the accompaniment it is better to use an acoustic guitar recorded in stereo, so that it sounds wide and does not climb into the middle of the panorama. track sounds uncertain. but I like it, perceived more as a cinematic. but it seems to me not the format of the corporate genre. Sorry for the criticism, my opinion may be wrong. Listen to other works of authors in this genre and compare with your work. I think in the future you will succeed. good luck

Thanks for your help!

The idea was for the piano to be the main instrument, carrying the chords and melody, with the others just accompanying.

What do you mean by latitude in the mix?

Now that you mentioned it, yes, I see that the mixing on the drums could improve.

Bass frequencies were mainly occupied by the low piano keys, but maybe it wasn’t enough.

The guitar was supposed to be just a background instrument. Maybe I overdid the reverb, would explain why you said it’s sounds blurry. Stereo widening is a good idea, thanks!

Recording guitars is not a possibility for me right now. I had to use a VST, then added some delay and FX to leave it as more of a background instrument, as it would sound to robotic to be used as a lead. Do you think it sounds too artificial even as a background instrument?

Not sure what you mean by “sounding uncertain”?

About the genre, I’m not entirely sure it fits that genre either, maybe I could name it differently. Do you know if names, descriptions etc affects the reviews? Like categorizing a track as the wrong genre, then it gets rejected for not fitting that style, while it would be accepted if it was categorized differently, or something like that.

Don’t be sorry, I appreciate your willingness to help :slight_smile:

I’ll try improving the mixing and maybe the arrangement to see it I can make it better.

Once again, thanks!

the breadth I had in mind - stereo sound expansion of the entire mix. The guitar can not be recorded. there is a good library for “kontakt” - “strummed acoustic 1 and 2” and many other libraries. They sound great and you can make the sound in stereo.
Uncertainly, I meant - the track does not pretend to be professional on the quality of production, as if this demo track.
I recorded for you my version based on your main melody. I certainly do not pretend that my version is better than yours, it’s just that I see it how to improve the composition. I spent a little time on it and this is also a demo :). If necessary, I can send you midi notes of the project. I advise you to choose a reference track (from popular ones on audiojungle) and fully describe for yourself its structure - instruments, arrangement, tempo, length, mood. and do something like this with your own tune.

The decision to adopt a track is first influenced by its commercial significance, and then the sound quality, possibly the correctness of its assignment to a particular genre. but in the latter case, if the track is commercially acceptable, the reviewer may suggest renaming and referring to a more appropriate section. it’s my opinion. I recorded the music myself for a year, getting rejected. tried to find a balance between commerce and what I liked. Gradually, I began to understand how to write music so that I like it and that music fits commercial standards, but not completely. so I still earn poorly in the audiojungle

Thanks a lot for this! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:
This is sounding great, it helped me understand some possible directions I could take my track.

Yeah, I’d love if you could send me the MIDI. That way I can study and compare it with what I already have.

Thank you for the recommendations too. I will look it up.
The guitar in this sounds great. Is it the one you recommended?

The violin is sounding beautiful too, a lot better than the one I used.

I’m still having some trouble with making this type of music (I usually make more electronic stuff), I’ve been practising some humanisation but still have a hard time telling whether stuff sounds professional, or realistic, and which VSTs/sample libraries are high-quality enough to be fit for commercial use.

That said, I’m sure your advice will already help me a lot :slight_smile:

I see. Thank you for explaining.

Yeah, I understand you, I’ve gotten lots of rejections until getting my first approvals, which were in different styles. For this particular style, I’m still trying to learn what works.

I’m really grateful for your help. Wish you success!

Let me know your email address, I will send files when there is free time

Just replied to your message. Let me know if you received it. Thank you!