Reason for rejection ?! Help!

I think its nice, very nice, but very specific to be sold, it wouldn’t have lots of commercial potentials. Its like you are seeing a specific movie scene if you get me. If you could make this 30-40 seconds and keep in mind the usage , it would be accepted. Now it has lots of different parts that make it hard for common usage.

@Pandocrator very interesting comment. Actually I also made a short version but probably it was too complex anyway. I must admit though that I’m a little confused now about the structure I should develope (i’m New to this world). About another track (Mediterranean breeze) you commented it was too repetitive (and I basically agree). Well probably I need some more listening and study! :blush:

Sorry to hear that! I have to say I don’t completely agree with @Pandocrator in this one. I can think of a bunch of uses for this music piece, such as detectivesque toons, hidden camera pranks, halloween games, animations, only to mention a few. I do believe, though, that it could be a bit too long; I don’t know if you included additional cuts like 1:30, 1:00, 30 seconds but that usually helps.

Production-wise I think it’s pretty well accomplished too (maybe the oboe is just a tad loud?), so perhaps the reviewer was having a sh#tty day or was flooded with queued tracks. I don’t really know…

If I were you I’d move on with other works, let this one rest, and re-attempt in a couple of weeks. It’s a really nice track and it deserves its chance!

Cheers mate!

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Hello @Dhalsim1981! Good track , I liked it. The only thing I would add a few pauses + something where you could make a chords change and small culmination with a different melody (although this is not necessary), just my thoughts.
Good luck!

Thanks guys. I made a only one short version (1:29)