reason for Hard Rejection

why i got hard rejection for this item [template] (


Your template is rejected because problem w3c:, very show scroll, ugly logo, your need icons from services to center but not left, your need improvement design from blog, need more information from contact, your need practice more for accepted sell template, regards.

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Thanks, Can i resubmit it after fixing these bugs?

With respect this is needs a ton of work before it’s ready for here.

  • In FireFox the nav does not seem to work and header is transparent on scroll making the nav unreadable

  • The logo is awful

  • There’s issues throughout with typography and hierarchy

  • Testimonial images appear pixelated

  • The design feels basic and outdated, lacking premium value.

Generally speaking this is the toughest category on the marketplace and you really have got to find something stand out unique about your design and have flawless execution to be able to compete

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@Ash0ur please your make case to @charlie4282 because he is good moderator regards.