Reason for hard rejection responsive bootstrap template


please do you know why i got hard rejected and what do U advice me to learn to become better
Ps:Thank You


Here is my mini review for your item

  • Remove the horizontal scroll;

  • Alignment problem. Make that paragraph centered. Icon/Title are centered by the paragraph not which is so bad. Same problem on OUR TEAM blocks,

  • Add a hover over nav menu items

  • That’s the concept or there is a missing border on top?! Border bottom/left/right but there is no top border. Try to center the container bordered.

  • Improve spacing of elements on header

  • Improve paragraphs line-height - make it line-height: 150%;

  • Spacing issue all over the site

  • Make team images smaller

  • Contact section seems unfinished.

There are a lot of issues but try to improve the step-by-step.



Thank You very much for your answer , i’ll try to deal with it :+1: