Reason 9.5 will support VST

Just in case any fellow Reason user doesn’t hear it yet…today is a great day for Reason users => Reason 9.5 – VST in Reason



I just got the mail… it made my day!


I’m not familiar with Reason’s workflow. Can anyone briefly list the advantages of Reason over Ableton?

I just love the session view and how easy and intuitive it is to automate anything in Ableton, but I’m also interested what Reason has to offer.

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Well, if you’re comfortable with Ableton it’s ok, there is no right or wrong DAW.
I just can say I love Reason (every day more now that supports VST’s) so is my main daw, I’ve used Nuendo, Cubase, ProTools, Live, DP, FL, etc… but the thing about Reason to me is its very different approach from the rest…
You have “real” devices like in a studio, like a full SSL modeled studio mixer, synths, vintage compressors, amps, etc… and you have in the back of every device inputs and outputs audio and CV jacks to hook up cables to route anything with any other device to make things never done before.
That approach is very familiar for anyone who has ever touched a real console or synth, it just make sense and it’s FUN and beautiful to work with.

For me the only limitation was it uses it’s own VST-like format (Rack extensions) which is great but currently it’s limited for some music genres because it’s a young format, so there is not as much variety/quality as with VST, and some big names are not doing RE yet (like massive Spitfire strings libraries for instance) although this is slightly change, for instance Spire from Reveal Sound is coming in a few days. So all this is a big news for any Reason fan :slight_smile:

Hope it helps


Thanks for the detailed answer.

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@ Sonicbyte, In 9.5 we can now open KONTAKT insts and use sounds from any provider? I too enjoy mixing with Reason. It is like an old school 80s and 90 mixing console.

Yes, check this image :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used Reason much these last couple of years. I only have version 7 and haven’t upgraded. Ended up using Ableton Live full time instead. Although now, with VST support I’m considering an upgrade. I actually miss some of the effect units like Scream and Pulverizer since I stopped using Reason.

One thing that I really like about this update is the modulation with CV. You can modulate just about anything within a VST with external tools in Reason. That’s really cool. Adding complex LFO tools to a synth that might not have them.

Looking forward to trying it out.