Realy intresting howe step by step


What the best music categories to upload music for new authors?What better start from popular categories like “corporate” or start from “acoustic folk” or some like that? What do You Think?


Just start with what you’re good at, and music you like. If you’re into heavy metal… write some awesome heavy metal tracks. Corporate is hugely over saturated, so you have to be really good to stand out.__

Edit: And to expand on that, try the “smell what sells” technique. For example, I made a funk track for fun which sold 7 copies. So I decided to make another one, and that one sold 29 copies. If you refine what you are good at then you will get sales.


Yeah you should create with styles you are good at and you like. But you can also try to write some other styles corporate or anything else for fun and experiment
But you should have a specialization and a huge portfolio I think


Hi, its really good advice! a Few days ago I uploaded track single acoustic guitar and it sold 3 copies a very quickly and I sink it because I am guitarist and love this is style))) I will go do new similar tracks!


Thanks a lot! But also interesting if I have hard rejected because I did experiments is it bad for my account?


When I started to work at AJ first of all I created corporate music :slight_smile:


I think the most important thing is to make music, which you like!
And always make it better and better, step by step)
It’s common thing, but It works, in my opinion


Thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot!