Realy frustating to got rejection of this type of work



Hello few ago got a rejection notice of this item

Comments from your Quality team

Unfortunately, we have reason to believe your submission may not be
your own work or may be too similar to other marketplace content. If
this is your own work, please contact support with supporting proof such
as source or work-file samples.

Thanks for your understanding.

So if this a similar or existing item so where it is???
I have some approve work like this typographic style, so I can’t update my previous item with some new element and style!!!


Can anyone give me some reason for this kind of rejection.
Or anyone can add envato stuff on this post???
So that get proper procedure to solve this issue.


This is really upsetting. Work looks good and I don’t see nothing too similiar on graphicriver. I think you should send help ticket to envato.


Thanks @GreenSocks already send it to help by ticket but didn’t response till now.
Thanks for your valuable word’s.


9th day running sent the documentation for this issue,
but still no reply for this item!!! :sweat: what’s going on envato???

Any suggestion welcome…looking solution.


Hi, you have to wait more few days, coz there is a lot of requests waiting for reviews. my advice on your work is : clean, simple, trendy, well designed… etc i think this days there is something going wrong with envato reviewers, i just sent more than 30 flyers this month that are trendy well designed … all of theme have been rejected, why !!! do not know ! they did not give me the really reason, the just said this famous reason : "After Completing our review, we’ve Determined that ‘Black Friday Flyer 13 2017’ is not at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process is GraphicRiver As the submission is. too far off the standards we require, you’ll be Unable to re-submit on this occasion " … i thing if Envato does not make serious resolutions to this kind of problems it will lose her creatives increasingly. :worried:

Here a few exemples


Actually you are right.
I’m also think so.but it’s hurt’s us when we got this kind of massage

This is frustrating, because graphicriver reviewer know my work style. I’ve 144 item but not more then 3-5 item rejected on envato life. After submitting documentation with help it’s take 9 day’s to reply!! this is not OK, Also it’s effected my concentration to doing my regular work.

Your examples are nice, on this category there are many of less quality work approved. but 1,3,6,8 are good for rive on my sight.


Thank you … so hope this will be resolved the soon as possible, we hope also a moderator joins us on this disscussion :relaxed:


I think so, It’ll OK soon. :slight_smile: