Realtyspace Setup Help!

I am trying to update a page…let me first say that I am a total newbie but have been able to publish my own website before using HostMonster and WordPress.

I decided to download Realtyspace as it was exactly what I was looking for - a website for a realtor who asked me to help him!

I’ve got some of the basics BUT I need help with the map.

The city is Key West and when I plug in the API Key (which I created through Google) it pops up and is over the Gulf of Guinea!
I have double checked the DD coordinates of the latitude and longitude but no matter what I enter, it still puts the marker over the Gulf of Guinea.

Later, I will try to integrate an IDX plug in but first I am trying to get the map to actually SHOW Key West.

Someone…anyone…please help me! LOL I’ve been working on this for 2 hours and getting more frustrated by the minute.

Thanks, very sincerely!

I’m not sure if the author is entitled to provide set-up for the theme but you can try to contact them first ( free support )

I’m offering a paid service. In case of interest :