Really Wondering the Reason of Rejections

Hi folks,

I read the upload guidelines dozens of times, and I always check the Trends and Insights and decide what I’m going to create but I’m getting rejections again and again. I’m really wondering inside of the reviewer’s mind because mine is not enough smart to understand, “how I’m going to satisfy the mighty reviewers”. Here is my last rejections;

The guideline is saying, RGB or CMYK are both ok for upload. So I uploaded my designs as RGB because many people are using it online. Even for the prints, they can simply one click to convert CMYK which is colors are ready for both.

Here is the deal. Let’s say we understand there is tons of uploads for reviewers (and it’s expensive for Envato to hire more people for reviewing process, even after they cut our bonus money, anyway) and they cannot waste their priceless time for writing reason and we never know why we had hard rejection. So we have to upload it again and again till it’s approved for publishing. One of the reviewers doesn’t like your design, and another one is like. So what are we gonna do? Will try again and again till one of the reviewers will like your design?

Envato has no standards for reviewing process. Reviewing process takes days or weeks and in the end, you are getting hard rejections, and this is really breaking motivation for creating something new.

I totally understand and support Envato’s trying to keep a quality level but you all know, there is tons of design published in Elements and when you see it, you are asking yourself “how did this one get approved?” but can never say that in public.

I’m not saying my designs are Da Vinci level but at least I’m doing my job with following the book.

​But the main question is, who wrote this book? Because it looks like, no one is reading that book instead of authors.

Update: If anyone will tell me, monograms main “S” letters not editable, no, it’s not about that,

There is a lot of monograms published as the main letter are not editable but the rest of titles are able to edit.


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I really understand and agree with what you say. Recently I also got rejections, I think the items I submitted have the same quality with my previous approved item. When I see the rejection reason it says that my items are “not the right fit for Envato Elements”, so now I am keep wondering about this “ambiguity”, what do they mean with “not the right fit for Envato Elements”? is it just the reason for other reasons? Also with this kind of rejection, I have no clue about what to be fixed for my next items.