Really want to know why this was hard rejected.

Hello. I made a motion graphic background abstract loop and it was hard rejected. It took week of work and 10 days rendering. I dont understand, there are simplier backgrounds and they was accepted. Sure i will place this video on other markerplace but really want to know why this was hard rejected. Some advice will be helpful. ( Youtube used a lot of compression, final quality is much clearer.)

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I guess the reviewer could not see the use case.


Probably you right…

Glow is blown out and so it washes the color and “flattens” the objects. Use depth of field blur to direct focus when you have so many elements on screen. A ground that isn’t completely flat would’ve helped. Having small bumps and more height variation on the field. Also maybe adding some small clovers or small flowers to mix with the grass


Thank you for your opinion. Shining around glowing objects was conceived but maybe had not perfect implementation. I`ll try rebuild the scene.