Really Needs A Designer’s Help. Soft Rejected😰

  1. Typography looks poor and inconsistent in certain areas, for example: and more.

  2. Weak visual hierarchy: and more.

Any help is appreciated

Kindest Regards

More likely you need to hire a designer to fix the issues instead of looking for a help ( free solution ) as this is beyond of helping and it’s another job.



Very large line spacing, some letters after the comma for some reason with a capital letter, I would also reduce the transparency of the huge red commas a little bit or change the color to a darker or purple. Also, “the profession” Lana Roadse needs to be promoted up (not only on the career ladder :slightly_smiling_face:)


I would make the logo a little higher, social networks would be aligned in the middle or made lower, also not observed indentations on the right side, contact information has too large line spacing, also it seems to me that the basement of the site is too close to the block " about the company"


I like the concept you developed, it looks great, the dotted points are brought too close to the main information on the page, although here if you use large indents (large interlinage between sentences) as a style’s, then this is quite the case, then cancel my top sentences, apart from the contact information, I would rearrange. Headings ( Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Softino Perfomance Based), I would say a little spread out the user’s view and it becomes not convenient to control his movement on the site, a similar situation with other text in paragraph 2


I would remove the big letters from WordPress, everything else is the place to be, if this is the style (this is the way), sorry I can not resist with references :upside_down_face:

Have a nice day!

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Thanks A Lot :+1::+1::+1:
I Really Appreciate Your Help

You may not like what I offered but “polishing” it may not help you to get the theme approved. The design itself is quite poor and you need to improve it. Once you “fix” the issues, they will probably ask you to “change” the design as well. Anyway, good luck!

I feel like I already saw this theme, why make something that was already been made a lot of time, even if you get it approved I don’t think you will get many sales… just a thougt.

Find a designer and make soemthing unique that is the secret!