Really need an advice, please



Hi everyone!
Today i’ve got my third track rejected. It’s been about 2 months since previous rejection and i’ve practiced a lot all this time. Please, help me to understand what’s wrong with it.
I’ve listened so many references and there were even more simpler tracks than mine, but mine was rejected again.
I just really need a vector for learning, need any advice, any help!
You can find my other rejected tracks on my soundcloud. Maybe, you could give me some common advice, please?

Thanks in advance,


The deal breaker here is the snare. It’s not relaxing at all and just doesn’t go with the rest of the track.
It’s also maybe a bit repetitive and there isn’t much development. But the first thing you need to is change that snare.


Yes, and… is the shaker out of tempo too?


I aggree too, the snare/clap feels out of place, not quite ambient and overpowering in general.


yes, there’s some weirdness there…


Yes, you’re right: now i see, that clap sounds a bit irrelevant.
Again, I’ve made this according to the reference tracks, but, apparently, it does not fit in my case, as it does not bring a relaxing feeling.
Thank you so much for your comment!


Thank you for your opinion!


Thanks for your reply!


I think the clap/snare volume should be fixed, it sounds a bit too loud :thinking: