Really need an advice and feedback

Hello to everyone. I’m enjoy to produce very different kinds of music. And not so far, opened this portal. I tried to upload some tracks, that I thought would be suitable for it. And now I have all hard rejects and a feeling of perplexity, because of not understanding the reason of they. I really don’t understand, what is the main reason: low composing, esthetic or mixing quality. Or everything at all))))

I hope that someone can give me feedback, advice and indicate the errors. As a thanks, I can leave feedback to your works.

With hope for help and best wishes)

in that soundcloud account are all tracks, that recieved hard rejects (9 items). pls check them

This sounds like a backing track lacking vocals, right? The thing is, on AJ no one buys backing tracks for adding vocals because that would be against the AJ terms. As a stand-alone background track it’s a bit repetitive, sounds are a bit thin and the mix lacks coherence.

Thank you for feedback :thumbsup: I understand this mistakes. Can you give me any suggestions about other hard rejected tracks (they are on that soundcloud channel). I really don’t understand, does they have the same mistakes or different

Yeah well in my opinion you need to make the sounds and melodies more interesting. Think “progression”, never “repetition”. The guitars sound much better than the piano, and the brass is just awful. Avoid everything that make it sound like you’re playing a cheap keyboard from the 90’s. Listen to modern billboard music and figure out what’s hot and what’s not :sunglasses: GOOD LUCK

Thanks one more time)