Really angry

Hello everyone, I bought the Haven (The Lavish — Hotel & Spa) theme from themeforest. The main contents of each page disappears when in mobile view. I have uninstalled and reinstalled WP a couple of times thinking I caused the problem. But it remains the same.
This is really annoying. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

This is the link to the website

This is the link to the theme

Your best solution to this is by contacting the theme author.

I’ve contacted them, they’re not responding

What’s the theme link - I don’t see one under that name.

This is the theme’s link

It’s possible that the author does not provide support over the weekends, but they are an experienced and respected team so I would expect hem to help ASAP.

As their demo works fine on mobile - can you share a link to your website?

It may be worth checking the hosting configuration, that you are using the latest theme and WP version and if you have any plugins that were not included in the theme that if turning these off resolves the problem

This is the link to the website

My wordpress is up to date and I only installed the plugins recommended by the theme

Yep, I just check it via chrome developers tool and there is no content in mobile mode. Official demo works fine so bug is probably related to your hosting. :slight_smile:

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how please?

This is really frustrating. I need help on this please.

Hi @clevadani,

Please note that this is far from ideal solution and has to be used temporarily until theme author provides you with a permanent fix - please use this code in “Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS” section:

@media ( max-width: 780px ) {

    #main, #sidebar { float: none; }



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it worked. Thank you so much.