Realistic Plastic Bottle Mock-up

My mock-up is rejected. Can anybody help what it has the problem?

“We have completed our review of “Realistic Plastic Bottle Mock-up P01” and unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”


hi, i see a few issues for u to deal with , indeed, the preview with put here is not selling … and u should insert a good looking coherent design inside , so that people have an idea of what the product looks like once decorated …

otherwise , the “scenery” is sort of too “basic” if u ask me … this means that u do not have enough of a particular environment for the product to stay and for both elements and bottle to “value each other”

Thank you for your reply.

  • l saw some mock-ups that presented like this. l don’t think it is a problem.
  • “insert a good looking coherent design inside” this is also too much for mock-up. l don’t sell design, I want to sell mock-up.
  • For background, it can be put by the buyer where he/she wants to. That’s why it is cut-out from the background.

For all, l think quality standards are the problem or Envato workers. At least, they can say that these are problems so l can try to solve the problems.

Maybe problem is the bottle is not transparent. l will edit that.

if u are sure that all u did was good , then no way to help u for sure …

Nobody can sure that all I did is good. Your suggestions are well enough. For presentation, you give good pieces of advice.

Quality standards or Envato workers are the problems here, l think.

let’s face it buddy, they tell u to come out here and ask people why items were rejected , but no one knows but the reviewer who did ! u will have as many comments and “opinions” - though based on different experience, taste, expectation and analysis of the market - as guys being part of the debate. So, basically if u do not open your mind to what is being told, this is just no use … if u believe that all was great , what happens sometimes (despite the item did not make it) then just post somewhere else as such … u have several places where such an item can be sold including your own website if u have one …

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Your file is too simple. This is the main reason for your rejection. The main idea is OK but you just hurry to upload it. Try to add more angles for your bottle and more customizing options for customers.

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I have had many rejections, but in After Effects templates… even though you may see other posts of lesser standards the quality demands are always increasing. One thing that is important is that you bring it as close to the final product as possible for the purchaser… they have little imagination… you need to show them… so the other comment is correct… “Put here” is less attractive than you putting an actual label on to show them. Imagine you were making this for a high end cosmetic company… that is the quality you should aim for… So stylize the text add a better dynamic background… imagine you’re selling mouthwash or something similar.

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Sorry I don’t want to hirt you in any way nor I’m that great to teach you but following is the example…

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Self promoting it is against forum rules. Beside that your comment it is very rude.


Sorry for my rude comments. I will try better next time.

@ferdisert My comment was for Reflex360. He does self promoting and was rude in my opinion.

How is this now?

  • l made bottle transparent,
  • Include backside,
  • Staged on background simple.

Sorry, If I was rude… And also I’m not prompting my Items!

@ferdisert Brother, I think they rejected due to presentation? (Preview, or unorganized layers)

You can search Store and get some ideas…

Try… try… but don’t cry…

My first Mockup got rejected… second approved …. third rejected…

Now I’m familiar with their quality standards.

And one Important thing don’t upload hard rejected Items again… You should change them completely.

If you do this. they can lock your A/c. permanently…

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This is for Authors… read this first… If this helps you! This helps me a lot from discription to preview size, thumbnail size, to naming all is given in simple words…

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for me this version is much better though , to be honest , the shadows are not yet convincing enough so that “we buy it”. It seems to be , as well, that the product is not completely well cut indeed … the very basic rule for cutting is to cut in the picture so that there is no white on the cut product …and u have some in the cork area …

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Yes, l have been thinking about white edges. l will work on them.

good , i guess this is what u need to fix

Good points!

Please let us know if your very first Item gets accepted! We’ll be happy for you :slight_smile:

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