Real Estate WordPress theme with good support?

I was looking at the top selling WordPress themes in the Real Estate WordPress Themes category. Was about to purchase one of those Real Estate themes, but I was disappointed to see that several of the authors in that category are not very professional when responding to negative customer reviews or comments. Things like posting customer account names/email addresses in public threads, insulting the reviewers leaving negative reviews, etc. are not something I am interested in.

Can anyone recommend a Real Estate WordPress theme backed by good author Support?

(I’m aware of the scope of support offered by Envato authors – I’m just looking for an theme backed by an author who is able to handle comments/reviews in an appropriate way.)

Appreciate any suggestions.



you can try with it Homeo - Real Estate WordPress Theme


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Look, I also found some other guys. Unfortunately, as far as I know, nothing was said about them on wordpress, but I really liked their approach to clients. In fact, they were recommended to me by an old friend of mine who now works as a real estate agent for another company. He was very positive about these guys. If you’re interested, you can stop by and read about how they run their businesses and how they treat their clients. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast their customer support service is. I also read the opinion of one of the clients about private real estate loan. There they entered into a whole discussion about this and communicated absolutely on an equal footing without any insults. Although the person who answered him has much more experience in these matters. In General, less words, just go and read.