Real Estate Pro - translation

I’m using Real Estate Pro and I’d like to translate some word, but I not able to find them.

I attach some screen captures to show it.

"Results", “Call”, “sort by”, "bath"

When I clic over “Email” a new windows is opened. there are some words that I’d like to translate too as “contact us”, “close” or “send”


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


I’ll try it.

Hi there, did you translate all these words? I think a lot depends on how the app or website is made. The client can be attracted when everything is done beautifully and expertly. I recently sold my house to this real estate company I visited a lot of websites during my search, and their website was the most beautiful and useful. I left my request to inspect my house directly on the website. The manager from their company called me back an hour later, and in just three weeks they had already paid my for my house.