Real Estate Made Simple Help

I have been unable to use any of the following problems since I purchased real estate-made simple Web Themes. Please ask this
Would you be a cleaner.

  1. In the ‘Admin’ menu ‘Contact Us’ tab in the room, although we specify the contact us email; a contact form is invisible.

2.We clicked on the main click “Could not connect. Please try again.” error.

  1. When registering the new user, “Failed to connect. Please try again.” error.

  2. ‘Admin menu’ pages, “options” tab, although we fill all the information in the database is not saved.And again “options” tab before opening any of the previously mentioned did not appear.

  3. From the ‘Admin menu’ page, on the “Add list” tab, select “Custom location selection:”
    “This page failed to load Google Maps correctly.” error.

6.We wanted to search “on the map” even though we changed the server’s IP and made the necessary settings in PHP.INI.

  1. Although we have added a list in the ‘Add a list’ tab from the ‘Admin’ page, neither “My Lists” nor search results appear.

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