Real Estate Logo Rejected. Need help?

No concept! this is the main reason for your rejection.

hi, i tend to agree a little with DesignSomething, apart that I would rather say that I fail to understand what the concept is , rather than saying that there is necessarily none … , I am not sure what is the symbol inside the home, but the fact of the matter is that if other designers fail to determine what u have tried to do, this probably means that u will miss the mark widely as far as other people go, too. According to me there is also a very big difference in terms of visual quality between the one color version and the colored one, which makes me tend to believe that u should have rather opted for different color combinations and that the ones u have selected are “not selling” your work. This is true that u have opted for complementary color, which is normally a safe choice but here , if u ask me, this simply does not work … I would also add , in my opinion, there is need for u to bring an extra value to the table, whether this is an effect, an originality , something that will make your design stand out more indeed

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