Real bass or Vst Bass?


Hey everyone
What’s people’s preferred method of recording bass guitar, a real bass, or plug in? if plug in, which one and why?


I would recommend you Prominy SR5 for rock. For motivational upbeat songs, as I know many authors use Trillian :slight_smile:


Why no both? :smiley: For plugins Native Instruments bass series and Reason built in works for me. Trillian is amazing but the price is amazing too :stuck_out_tongue:


Both. Native Instruments has a great selection of different bass libraries in Komplete, but occasionally I like to record it live. Adds a certain warmth that I can’t seem to get with VSTis :slight_smile:


@FruityAudio @MeGustaMusic I’ve never heard of Trillian?!


@AurusAudio I suppose you can’t beat the real thing, but wandered what most authors use when it comes to plugins :+1:t2:


I use Trilian and real bass.

To be honest, I use Trilian when I’m a bit lazy for corporate style tracks but real bass always sounds better for organic music. You need these random little variations for a 100% pleasant sound in organic music, but it takes longer to record with more time editing…

Naturally, for synthetic/electronic music almost any synth and/or Trilian will be a perfect match.


Trilian (only one L) by Spectrasonics, same company (and interface basically) that makes the famous Omnisphere.


Real bass is the best option … but if you wanna buy a library check out rickenbacker


Mostly real one… and when not, Trilian


Depends on the song. Since I’m a bass player by heart I’ll stick to my trusted jazz bass as much as I can. I’m simply getting the performance I’m looking faster that way. Much more freedom. DI and/or mic’ed cabinet.

However, if the song calls for something else like a synth bass, an upright, or just a different sound I have no problem going for a VST. I only have whatever comes with Native Instruments Komplete but I am thinking about getting the stuff from Ample Sound. Their guitars are amazing and I’m sure the basses are too. Very deep sampling and lots of articulations.


It’s all about live bass for me so it’s all my Yamaha RBX or 60s Burns through guitar rig. It really gives a piece that organic feel to have a real bass on it.


Working with vst really faster, but live instrument some times is better in some songs.


@AurusAudio @LuckyBlackCat @MusicDog @TenRoomsAudio @FruityAudio thanks guys, appreciate your replies! :+1:t2:


Hey Stardustmusic, I have NI Kompleye 10 ultimate, and Sylenth, but still can’t find a decent bass sound, might have to invest in Trillion!


For electric bass I use the Scarbee P-bass in Komplete 97% of the time.


Really?? Please bass is not working for you?? It’s really nice man


@Hyperprod Hey dude, I’ve used the Scarbee “amped” bass a few times, but I still feel there is something missing, compared to other songs!


What is missing? Anything in the sound or articulations? I’m sure there are many bass vi’s that are as good or better than the Scarbee P-bass (i also use the amped versins most of the time), but I think this is a versatile bass that fits most of my needs.:slight_smile:


I use real bass. And of course some amp simulator (Amplitube 4, Pod Farm 2.5)