Reaktor CPU usage

Any Reaktor users here?

I have Windows 10 running latest version of Cubase and I just upgraded my studio machine to pretty high end specs. Core i7-6800K CPU with fast SSD drives and fast memory. I’m having a blast using my current VSTs as my previous machine was already quite a few years old and I started running into the basic problem that after too many midi channels the CPU just started to get to it’s limits.

Imagine my surprise when I tried Reaktor + Form just now and picked the first preset. I played 5 notes at the same time on keyboard and the Reaktor CPU went to 60% and started glitching.

What is going on?

60% with single channel and five midi notes?

On Core i7-6800K CPU?

Who is this VST meant for?

Is this just a version problem or is Reaktor really this inefficient?

In comparison I can run massive projects containing 8Dio string libraries and what not and CPU stays below 40%. This feels just crazy.

This means that for me Reaktor + Form is basically unusable.

Any hints or is it really this bad?

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