Ready to upload? Feedback pls

Hi, all.
This track is driving me crazy, i made many changes on it. It would be nice some feedback to know if it is ready to upload or need major changes. Thank u all.

Inspiring Corporate

Hi! The strings at the beginning (and further) are a bit sharp in sound. I would have made them quieter and maybe made a little less “sawing” (turn down high frequencies or pick up other strings with a softer sound). Also, you do not have enough “warm middle” that goes on the guitar (this needs to be done louder). In the middle of your track (0:51 and further) an instrument (brass) that changes the strings, the difference between these instruments (pan) is striking in the ear there (first there is a bias to the left and then a narrowed center).
My thoughts.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok thank you very much, I will try to make those changes.

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I made the changes on the track. I think it sounds better but I don’t know if it’s good enough. If someone hears something else to improve, it will help.