ready for TF or not yet ?

my HTML Template
what you think ?

Unfortunately no .
You have multiple problems. The first one is typography.
Also look at the top Envato products to understand how it works.
More attention to details (icons, border, box) .
Create multiple functions. Come up with something new.
Good Luck

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It’s a vast improvement on what it was.

There are some nice touches e.g. calories, protein etc.

The typography is touch and go but given the bigger picture of the design I am not sure it is that bad.

Not too sure about that icon on the ingredients list

I am personally not a fan of the ‘zippered’ lines above the footer and on the edge of the social icons - it just feels like it makes it appear a little outdated

Sharing box under the recipe could be improved. The icons seem a bit small and personally I would skip the “If you like it, share it” and have rectangular social buttons that fit across the box

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I shared a single page while I should share the home page (two homepages), so I don’t think I need more features! can you give me exemple on what a recipes theme should have I didn’t include?
Also I would be grateful if you point to the place where I got bad typography (I’m very disappointed about it, I taught I learned enough about it)
attention to details, ok I will give it another round
thank you so much

Thanks again & again for your help, that improvement was made mainly thanks to your comments
yeah I’m not sure about that icon myself, I’ll make it simple & ok I will take your advice on the other matters
thanks again