Reached badge 3 with a broadcast and film license!

I got a music broadcast and film license sale which brought me up to badge 3. It’s a great motivator and confidence booster for me. Here’s to badge 4 next!


It’s great!:flight_departure: Good Motivation! Pleasant Feelings! Accept My Greetings :writing_hand:

Congratulations​:slight_smile::+1:t2::confetti_ball::tada: Well done!

Congrats @LewisWrightMusic :tada:

Congratulations @LewisWrightMusic ! :tada::tada:

Can’t wait for my 2 Badge now!!

Congrats! Go for the next one!

Wow! Congratulations! :raised_hands:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Nice! Stay motivated :confetti_ball:

Congratulations!! :smiley: