Reached 500 Sales Now



I reached 500 sales
Thanks to Envato Market for the opportunity to put their items
and thanks for all envato buyers and members :slight_smile:


cool congrats !!!


Thank You :slight_smile:


Good Job :wink:


Well Done, keep it up Leo99design


hi buddy happy for u but u should thank u buyers first and then fellow authors who interacted with u …


Thank you buddy yes i understood Thanks for giving advice i am agree with you :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile:


where is vodka ? where is party ?




WHERE!? :slight_smile: hehe


I was little busy Just came here
Afterwards i will definitely give you the party i am a very small level right now :smile:


I came from eastern europe, it is poland, belarus, ukraine, lithuana, russia…

nobody cares about your sales - if you celebrating your 500 sales -> where is vodka! ? :smiley:

vodka, girls, something to smoke… where? offcourse congratulations to you for your success but where is the vodka? :slight_smile:


and you, WildLion_Production … what is so funny :slight_smile: where is damn vodka? :slight_smile: someone reached 500 sales and no vodka? is this serious?

I am telling you, when I reach 2k sales I am buying vodka for everyone from the forum. Sea of vodka ! :slight_smile:


AHaha I see russian boy from far away !)!)!)!)))!))))


Now you’re happy with vodka :smile:


this is not vodka - this is some perfumes in fancy glasses. Level of alcohol in my blood is something I really care about :slight_smile:


congrats :slight_smile:


lol, bro… Congrats. BTW. What you make?