Reached 300 sales.



Reached 300 sales in the last hour of March :gift: :birthday: :confetti_ball:

Great feeling - wish all good April!! :tada:



You have a very interesting angle of promoting your page “No P.R.O, no AdRev, Just Music!”. Do you think it played an important role in your success so far? Has any client mentioned it to you that they prefer to buy tracks without P.R.O and/or AdRev?


Hi OvertSounds!

Currently this pic just serves as a placeholder till I render a new set of graphics for my pages and tracks (I am hobbyist 3D user). As of its content - I would never know, and nobody contacted me about it, but as I never intented to use neither PRO or Adrev, it didnt hurt;.. Once new graphics is out, it wont be about that, but rather pretty girl`s faces - I assure you ;))))


Congratulations!! :tada:


Nice work Soundlufs! Congrats :thumbsup:


Congratulation @Soundlufs :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Congrats! This is really nice achievement!)


Congratulations. Feeling good :smiley: