(RE) Establish MELODY - How to Develop Full Orchestral Music Tracks

If you’re a composer just like me having some difficulties now and then to develop a simple melody or theme into a full cinematic orchestral music track, then this video can be really helpful to you. I’m going to take you to the raw composition, the midi-mockup of Valse Mystique. One of my original music tracks. In Logic Pro X I show you how I re-established two melody lines over and over again into a full cinematic orchestral music track of more than 3 minutes long. So if you have the ambition to write this kind of music tracks, this video can give you some ideas, tips and tricks to grow your skills.

I hope you enjoy the video :slight_smile:


possible to hear the completed track somewhere?


Valse Mystique - Gh0stwrit3r [Waltz - Orchestral Music]