Rawal – All in One Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand

need help i have purchased " Rawal – All in One Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand" by themes-coder from envato market with 6 months of free support. I am trying to contact its support for about a month but literally no response.can anyone help me out how can get this issue resolved.

Depending on the issues, if it’s related to modification/installation or 3rd party issues, you won’t be able to get a clear suggestion. If you share the problem you’re having, we may suggest few other things:

  • If it’s about the item usage ( how to ) you should check the documentation first. Most of the suggestions are located on the item documentation.
  • If it’s about the item features, you can always spend a little bit more time to understand how it works.
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They replied to your comment 2 days after you left it?

The item says support can take 5 business days assuming that you submitted a request correctly using their support channel.

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thank you soo much for your response.i am having issue with the api response it show 404 error.below is an image for the error that is shown in the console

thank you soo much for your response .I am using the proper channel as mentioned in the support and its been a month since i have uploaded the first ticket and haven’t heard from them yet .Can you please view the images that i have updated on my post and guide me weather i am using the proper channel.

It’s server side issue probably. Contact your hosting provider for support

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i have updated my php version completed all the requirements that were mentioned in their docs but still no luck

You’re probably missing something. Double check the details. If still no luck:

Would you consider to get some paid support? I’m available if you’re interested in - otherwise, either you will need to fix the issues by yourself or getting help from the item author ( if it’s supported )

Hello Solomana,
I am unable to add purchases and stock in Rawal eCommerce.
When i try adding purchases or stock it reloads and no updates are made on the app.
Do you have an idea why its not working.

Author is not here, Contact them directly