Rating without content. It is bad.

Are you really do not understand a point here? It is about reaction to a rating, more freedom or better to say that authors need a possibility to leave the comment on the customer rating at least, no matter does customer left a comment with the rating rating or not.

If customer left 5 star rating without content author can’t react, leave comment. So what was your question please? Maybe language barrier I’m not sure. My English is bad too obviously when no one agree with me. :slight_smile:

I agree that we should be able to reply to reviews that don’t include messages. You can do this on other platforms, like Amazon and Google Maps, and it hasn’t caused any issues.

While I agree that a rating with a comment is far more meaningful, I (and many others, I’m sure) disagree that comments should be required. It’s already nearly impossible for most authors to achieve 3 ratings on an item, and we’ll risk increasing that problem further by making it more difficult to rate items.

Exactly because of that, I have written that this topic is pointed to TF authors (https://prnt.sc/v791gi). There was not my intention to exclude anyone from communication. Simply I realize differences through marketplaces. And you made a good point here to clarify situation.

Unfortunately this issue extends to all marketplaces, including ThemeForest. There are thousands of themes, templates, etc. up for sale which have hundreds of sales but still have not reached the 3 rating barrier.

Many of these authors have been asking Envato for years to help encourage buyers to rate items. For them, this would be a step in the wrong direction, even on TF.

I just thought of giving authors an option to require comments with reviews for their items, but honestly I think that overall this would just lead to poor buyer experience.

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I have a very small experience with Envato as Iam here for a little more than 2 years. What I can only say is that support helped me 2 or 3 times removing abusive one star reviews on my items, when there was no reason such rating could be given. When I get a 4 star, it’s a bit disappointing but I do my best to accept it. Anyway, there’s always room for improvement.