Rating system needs to be overhauled

Am i the only one who feels the rating system on this marketplace does not work…at all?

I have customers who have posted ratings over the last two years complaining about features missing from my themes, which have now been added or addressed, and yet these ratings are still lingering around like a bad sweat.

Authors should have the option to get ratings removed if they have addressed the complaints that there customers have submitted. In this type of marketplace products are being constantly upgraded and improved over time so older reviews get obsolete…yet they are still there and they no longer reflect the status of the current day version of the product.

Please fix your obsolete rating system…its suitable for products that never change over time like a clock or pillow…but on Envato we sell digital products that get improved over time.

Its great that customers can voice their opinion on our products and i am all for that…but why should my overall star rating suffer with old obsolete ratings that no longer reflect the current status of my products???

Exactly , i agree .

Ratings are getting less and less usable lately here. For my 4 years experience of being Envato author I have 358 ratings in total and only 17 ! new ratings received last 12 month which for sure shows issue with the rating system.

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it has no real legitimacy as it is in my view. The fact of the matter is that we can consider that almost all guys should have upper ratings than they currently have indeed. Let’s face it, between the strange ratings (and the buyers unhappy because they did not read what they were buying), the very numerous satisfied people who do not take time to rate and in the meanwhile, the less happy people taking some to provide with bad ratings, the system is not really reflecting the true value of an author or his / her product. I would also like to emphasize something. On several separate occasions, my buyers have tried to come and give me 5 stars and have never managed to make it as they did not find how to rate, and myself i have no idea of what to do to rate a item, which , highlights the fact that this is not an intuitive process and that it should be modified so that buyers find easily the way to go to rate. This is much of an issue , especially for the guys who want to give good ratings, as people in that case will discourage quickly , when , according to the world is working in a general way, the dissatisfied people will take the required time to search so that they can bash the guy that they are not happy with

How do you even make people rate your stuff?
I have about 4 or 5 ratings in the last year. They all came from people who contacted me for some help, thus all ratings are for “Excellent support” and that’s it.

ho, for me that’s the other way around, all the people who i have been contacted by were helped and very quickly and thanked me for the help and so on, but none did leave me a ration, but i had several of them who wanted to 3 indeed and none have been able to find how to do …

That’s why I ask for user feedback with typeform and analyze the result and publish them on my site. I almost always get 5 stars so I’m not really after the stars but after actual longer-than-one-line reviews and criticism, which I make mandatory on my typeform. Also this way I can ask for user’s photos, website, and they are more willing to rate and review as they can get a link back to their site, and a little 15 minutes of fame in form of colorful testimonial cards scattered all over my site randomly.

well that would be great then that someone thinks about these sorts of things rather than bringing always new and boring things to the table just like this is happening here all the time for a long while, unfortunately

I agree, the voting system needs to be upgraded