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When someone is buying my track i`m trying to write to buyer…But this is a very difficult - make them talk…
So… I have more then 600 sales and 19 ratings…Thats…AWESOME!!!

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Congrats! Great achievement :slight_smile:

Yeah its really hard. But congratulations for your sales :tada: :slight_smile:

But if you change your name, I think you will be easier to find . On the forum You @_Blacksmith and AudioJungle in Blacksmith

Congrats! Great achievement :slight_smile:

To my mind it’s better don’t write to buyer. It can be annoying for him.

Если мне пишет автор сам, я его отправляю в спам…

:sparkles:Congratulations on your success!:slight_smile:


Thanks folks. Thanks a lot!

Congrats! Very cool :sunglasses: