Rating Percentage?



I’ve just saw this

why percentages when exact number was much better or it was not?


I prefer the exact number :smiley:


It must be rounded up.


Wow, want to see something truly extraordinary?

In case someone’s asking, it’s (MOD: item name removed). Wow!


They are actually rounded down ( which sometimes can be a good thing :slight_smile: )



I was meaning the stars are rounded up… i.e. you can have a 4.85 score, but it shows five full stars.


But topic is not about that.


I wasn’t really sure what it was about! I thought you were saying that ‘the number was much’ better (i.e the score) rather than ‘the number was much better’ (i.e. number of scores).


That’s why there is word ‘percentage’ and only place where percentages are is in the details about rates. :wink:

But also there is rounding issue for example in my SS sum of percentages is 99% and in SS of hogas sum is 98% which is pretty rookie mistake.