Rating Missing From Google Search Result

Hi All,

I’ve been monitoring Google Search, Envato items used to show ratings at Google Search, however few weeks back the rating has stopped showing which might be affecting potential customers to click and also sales.

You can try to Google your items and the rating just went missing from Google.

Even the most popular item at Envato, Avada is missing the star rating at Google Search as screenshot below:

I’ve read this article https://www.google.com/amp/www.webpagefx.com/blog/seo/how-to-get-stars-search/amp/ and check my item URL via structured data tool here and seems that there’s no error in the item page HTML code using the tool below.


It could be the rating position is not prominent at our item page, sitemap xml requires resubmission or other related issues as stated in the article. Hope Envato team can help investigate this, as it is not affecting just authors but the marketplace as a whole, thanks.

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Google also can pick and choose whether or not to display the rating, totally regardless of anything on the page. :slight_smile:


Yes, I was saying Google Search Result used to show all of our item ratings, might be something that caused it to not showing ratings anymore.

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Has nobody else noticed this lately? I just realized the same thing but was surprised to see this ticket with such little activity. Getting a rating to show up on Google is actually fairly simple, it’s just about using a syntax that Google understands. There are plenty of plugins out there that help you do this for your WordPress pages.

The funny thing is that it seems to work fine for ThemeForest, but I can’t get the rating/price to show up for any CodeCanyon items… Is it really Google to blame? If so, why aren’t we concerned they don’t like CodeCanyon? Ratings appear for WordPress.org and third party sites, it’s a shame to lose out on this…


Hi All,

Good day, I’ve opened a ticket about a year ago, and now I’m trying to open a new ticket via Envato support once again to see if Envato team can assist us. It’s affecting thousands of authors on Codecanyon and millions of items in this marketplace.

Do a simple Google search on any Codecanyon Item, for example Slider Revolution jQuery Codecayon, you will see no rating in the search result

Then, do a Google search on Themeforest item, now you will see the star rating

This is the proof that you can’t put the blame on Google but something needs to be done to fix this issue. Thanks again for your attention.


Hi @highwarden - thanks for raising this.

I’ve checked with our SEO team, and they are aware of the current CodeCanyon issue - there’s been some investigative work conducted into the causes for this, and a fix is on the way.


Hi @BenLeong - you’re welcome and thanks for replying and get the team to investigate the issue. I’ve received reply from Envato support recently for the second time that “Google is out of our hands”, the question is why there’s no ticket being opened and ongoing communications at Google Webmasters forums here https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/webmasters like others have opened.

Even when you do a search on the top item at Codecanyon WPBakery Visual Composer, there’s no star rating on Google search as screenshot below.

If you look at this as a bigger picture, it’s affecting the entire Codecanyon community, I did some test on my personal web pages, the search rank is boosted higher with the rating shown at Google compared with the ones without the star rating, in addition, it’s really easy to set up and Google updates the star rating display within 24 hours.

Hi Guys,

The rating seems to be appearing now at Google for all Codecanyon items! Below is a screenshot of the ratings started appearing in Google search results. Thank you @BenLeong and Codecanyon team for making this happen for the benefit of the community!


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All credit for this one is due to our SEO and Traffic teams :slight_smile: There’s been an enormous amount of work on this issue behind the scenes - it’s great to see that starting to show up in Google searches again.


I had noted this issue; I’m glad that they are working on improving it.
Old items which have rating are not yet reflecting the rating on google result. Example

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It is a bit strange because usually it is working perfectly. So, I am thinking about more things which caused that small issue. There can be something wrong with soft and you need to find another one. Or maybe your soft is too old and it cannot see all the information from another websites. Or maybe Google is making some works on its pages because of digital marketers or black SEO people. I don’t love when there are a lot of spammers on forums, so guys, if you want to use backlinks, you need to pay to companies in order to make everything clean.

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