Rate the sound quality please.

Here are two tracks which I submitted for consideration. tell me how they sound to you. Thank you.

Dear friend,
The track it’s 2 step have a tricky groove drum. It’s good when you make a song for yourself.
The second track is good in my ears but maybe it need more contrast or changing drum groove.
Overall, your tracks is very good. Try make something simpler.
Good luck mate.

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Thank you for your attention. Do you think they are not suitable for use as a background in projects? I’m trying to simplify and at the same time, to do original.

of course, it can be used for some projects. But a lot of customers here are not the musician. make it as simple as you can, and catchy too. LOL :smiley:

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I liked your tracks! I don’t know the reason of rejection, but idea is very interesting and original!

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These tracks still have not been addressed. they are waiting for their turn. Sorry for my English. and thank you for your attention.