Rate my project. What's wrong with it?

3 times rejected my projects Titles. I’m doing projects in accordance with the standards, I have 2
project which are the same in meaning. It turns out that I should be doing Titles, like everyone and be
like everyone?
I don’t want to offend many authors, but, so many identical and already old titles are made. And they
are offered for sale why? Who can help me in this matter?
Why my project does not meet the standards?
Hard rejected: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqKi_3hgMQU&feature=youtu.be

reviewer had a bad day I guess, don’t see other explanation

Impressive work @7Roads. I agree with @DigitalT1ger.

It not professional behavior), I am sure that it and has occurred. But what with this work to do to me now? could write a full reason for rejection, but not write with the standard text as to all…

Well, all I can think of try change some colors, check modularity and see for things you think can be a bit better, make different preview, if the one you gave link to Is the one you uploaded, maybe try to make it a bit gorgeous, after that, change the name and upload it again. If this not helps, maybe try another stock market, that option last time I really consider myself, since it is quiet a pain to do something here.

I was doing projects the same as I have in the portfolio. Color, font and such, all adjustable. Buyer can customize all he needs, the project provides for all.
How do you know that this rewritten work does not fall to the same reviewer? Which again can condemn.
I had cases when the resubmitted job, and she’s successfully sold. It turns out that reviewer which rejected the work, not a professional in the business . How can he judge what is good and what is bad, for all the millions of people? He is God?)

I don’t, I just don’t see other options, I agree that review process is unfair and brutal, but I don’t think we can do anything about it. You can try to write to support to have it reviewed again by another reviewer but i seriously doubting such outcome.

I just don’t know where and whom to write? Can you tell me? Or a link to point where to write?
I would be grateful!)

https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=37840 try this

Thank you!) First I change the job and re-send it for review, and then I will write in the help center, again if it rejects…

Good luck to you, note that answer from support can take quiet some time. Wish you best!

Thank you! And good luck to you to win this hard battle!

Ok, this project is probably good. But it isn’t better than others on VH. As for me there are things that could be executed better way. As for animation, timings, more exclusive designs.
Everyone who is trying to submit titles category should understand that criteria for item being accepted is rising every day.

Smoother animation, more unique animation execution, more unique designs and not only abstract but suitable for specific purposes. This all matters, not only how you work with keyframes and shapes. It is also about content itself

Like this one of yours. Here are some titles which have their unique and ‘useful’ designs

Thanks! I will Refine your project…)

As you wish, but I gave a link for your one =)