Rate my new HTML5 Coming soon page

I hope posting external links for demo is permitted here,
well here is the link
tell me your opinion please :slight_smile: , I accept any kind of it

Quite a few avoidable code validation issues

Really needs to be responsive

Counter styling does not match the rest off the site and the numbers are
not aligned

"We will be here soon " overlaps circle

Logo is not great

Social icons touching the edge of the circle and square and are not
aligned to other content

Can’t read text on submit button when it is black on black

With all due respect you have quite a way to go before being ready to submit here

That was on purpose, try hovering the white circle :blush:
tho you are right about the colors , gotta change that , thanks :smile:

I get that if you hover then the text becomes more readable and fits in the square but that doe snot really excuse it not being right pre-hover

On top of the above to compete in this category you need to offer a bit more than just a counter and subscribe form. Take a look at others for sale and the quirky and clever designs being produced.

yep, you are right about that , should give it more

Outdated design. Very ugly count down.

hmmm ok :frowning:, what about the coding