Rate Buyers!

I would really a love a feature to rate buyers with stars the same way they can rate us!

I would love to show appreciation back to some and not so much to others!

The main goal:
So let’s say we have a buyer with a rating of 3 stars the. we could decide in settings that we don’t want to sell to such a buyer at all.

On Flippa, Freelancer, etc. both parties of a transaction can leave their own rating. We are muted.

How about the local supermarket? Maybe they could rate you when you pop in for some milk. “Crivion was ok, but he took ages to get the money out of his pocket which I always find really annoying. He looked a bit shifty as well.”

At the end of the day, as far as I’m concerned if a buyer buys one of my items then he or she gets five stars from me. I’m assuming they would from you too? And when would you rate them less than five stars? I’m assuming if they ask for a refund, or too much support, or if they leave less than five stars… then you’re only really using the rating to “get your own back”.

And at the end of the day… what are ratings for? So people can make educated decisions on whether they want to buy something, visit somewhere or use a service. Anyone can buy our items, so we don’t have a choice who we sell to. Or would you want to implement a feature where people can turn off the ability for one/two/three/four star buyers to buy our items?

Haha! Your comparison made my day back! Thanks!

However I’m talking about online trading rather than local, and yes I’m interested in a way so we authors can decide if we want to sell to a bad behaviour buyer the same way they can decide if they buy from a good / bad rated item.