Random thought

Hey guys, not sure if I’m the only one that notices this pattern, and I’m sure most of you do.
Most of the Joomla / Wordpress tends to follow patterns of the same design. I tend to see very very few themes with unique designs like a logo on the right, or a logo center with content on the sides. Or maybe i’m not searching hard enough ?

I do notice most themes have the following headers:
[logo left] [content] [content] or [logo left] [wide Blank space] [content]

I do see some unique designs in PSD and some of them are really amazing, but they are not in any CMSs (unless we get someone to convert). Yeah probably just me though, hah.

It is common but there are historically 2 reasons:

  1. most decent items offer easy customisation of all aspects, headers etc. included

  2. the fact remains that (right or wrong) these styles sell more than creative items, so it’s in the interests of authors to use them