Random Envto charge

Hi there,
Hopefully posting this in the right place, as I can’t seem to find any contact details for Envato on the main elements page…

This is not a huge deal, but I have a random £0.85p charge on my bank account from Envato. it seems to be a few days after paying for a 12 month subscription (then cancelling so I don’t get auto charged again next year). I can se the charge for the 12 month subscription - that’s been taken out no problem, but there is another pending transaction for 0.85 that I have no idea what its for.

Obviously this is a tiny amount, and its not the amount concerning me, BUT I don’t want random charges being taken from my account that to the best of my knowledge have not been authorised by me!

Is there some kind of small print hidden charge that I’ve missed or something? id ask Envato direct if I could find a contact ct method for them, but seems to be well hidden!


Hi @nutsnvolks,

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


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It’ll be a verification charge of $1. Relatively common when starting subscriptions (Adobe do it and a few others), but I’ve still not figured out why the actual payment itself can’t be verification enough that your card is active and works… rather than the verification and then also the payment. Still… as a pending charge it should lapse after around a week. If it doesn’t best to contact support.

Thanks SSF - thought it would be something like that - its really not a problem, just found it odd that I saw no mention of it, and as you say, why verify a card you are taking a large payment from anyway!

thanks for clearing that up.