Random CSS/template links appearing on my site

There is a random batch of CSS on my homepage.

It seems that all the page templates built into the backend for the homepage (such as header background color, header with background, home version 4, home 7) etc are now being shown on each page, going across the screen list style.

They are also displaying as as active links on the site. As a result, it is hard to click anything else as there are so many of them.

I’ve looked in the backend, using the Manual theme, and I can’t see anything that is causing this issue? I used the inspect element page tool and seems they are coming up as a nav bar item but again, I can’t see anything on the back end.

Anyone seen anything like this before?


Please go to Appearance => Menus
then setup the menu (primary) there. it will fix the extra menus issues in front end.


Thanks msgcoder. I don’t understand what happened though as I didn’t mess around with the menu bar and somehow this happened. I checked a box beside Display Location “Primary Menu” and it reverted back to norm.

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