Ramadan background rejection feedback

rejection feedback for my background image…
thanks in advance

hi i am sorry but did u really post in the right category in the first place? for me this doesn’t look like a background as u have a text out there and posting in the wrong category alone can cause a hard rejection … in addition, there are a good deal of things to fix , change or improve here if u gamma make it while u post in the right category … the refexion of the moon is too raw, this is not looking realistic, u have not only to distort the moong to adat it to the perspective but u also have to erase the bottom part of the reflexion so that this looks more credible as well. Shadows and lighting have a lot of flaws …your lamps do not generate any shadow anywhere and the lights are more likely to look like pasted there , they are not radiating around and changing the colors or tones of some parts of the lamps , when they should. The black stroke around the text is everything but a goo idea to be honest this looks harsh and somehow disconnected as well … the horizon line is missing also, this is blurred this far and this looks not natural if u ask me