Radio & Video Commercial in Germany

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I am an Voice Artist in Germany and got a Customer, who want a Radio and maybe Video / Cinema Commercial with my Voice in it. If i order the Full licence, can i use this for more than one Project? and is it possible to use it for Radio and (i hope so) Cinnema Commercials?
Someone got problems with the GEMA?

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Hi Yannic, All Audio Jungle music licences are single-use only, meaning that you need to purchase a new licence for each end product that you wish to use the music in. In your case, you would be making two different end products; one video commercial, and one audio commercial. This would require you to purchase two licences. Cut-down or translated versions of the same end product don’t require additional licences though.

There are specific licences that allow you to use music purchased on Audio Jungle in a broadcast scenario. You can select the one that you need using the drop-down box next to the price on the item page. There are different tiers depending on how many people your project has the potential to reach. Here is some info from the Envato Licence FAQ to help you choose the correct one:

audience size up to 1 million tends to be more for local and hyper-targeted broadcasts, 1-10 million is more on the regional-to-national scale, and above 10 million is typical for national and international broadcasts.

And Here’s the link to the Licence FAQ for more information.

There are no problems that I know of regarding Audio Jungle music and the GEMA PRO. As long as the broadcaster fills out the cue sheet correctly, the performance royalties should reach the right place. To help facilitate this, you could always contact the author of the music you are licencing through the contact form on the Audio Jungle profile page and ask them for their PRO registration info, such as their real name, IPI number, publisher, which PRO they’re registered with, etc.

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I aught to point out that I am only an author here at AJ and the info that I gave is partly my interpretation of the licence terms and conditions. There is a use case where customers can use music from AJ in multiple episodes that form part of a series using only one purchased licence. The rule on what is considered a series needs some clarification in my opinion, but it might be applicable for you if you are, say, making multiple commercials for the same product. But as I say, I am not certain about that.

Also, if your video and audio adverts are for the same product and the audio version doesn’t contain any extra dialogue, you could argue that the audio version is actually a cut-down of the video version, but I am not certain what the rule is regarding what is and isn’t considered a cut-down.

Perhaps more knowledgable minds here might be able to help further about this, or for a definitive answer on your specific use case, you can submit a ticket to envato support.