R-Energy Elements theme forces 76$ for security updates


I have used the Renergy theme, for my website, which I donwloaded from Envato ELements.
Sadly the Author, Ninetheme has removed his item from Envato Elements :frowning: https://themeforest.net/user/ninetheme

I assume this author is quite straightforward and client-friendly, so that he does not lure people into downloading his theme on Elements, and forcing them afterwards to pay 76$ to receive updates.
I am now trapped, as I am using the theme, but I do not want to be tricked into paying half the yearly Envato Elements fee, just to receive theme updates to get my site to stay secure.

I would not have used this theme, when I knew beforehand that I had to pay 76$

It is this R-Energy Theme : https://themeforest.net/item/renergy-solar-and-renewable-energy-wordpress-theme/25465601

I kindly asked the Ninetheme author to send me a link with the update… I think this is fair-play after all, as he first gets a small Elements-fee, but he can’t corner the Elements-downloaders into this more expensive fee.

Do you have any suggestions how I can deal with this ?


Themes from Envato Elements do to come with updates. It is the price to pay if you want to get the theme for the fraction of its cost.
My opinion as a WP author is that getting WP themes from Elements is not a good idea. Because it is support and updates which makes themes worth in the long term and that’s not included with Elements. Elements subscription should be taken more like a test-drive solution before you decide which themes to commit to and then buy it from ThemeForest. But I guess that is worth it only if you buy a lot of themes per year.

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