Quoting system recommendation


I work for a wholesale company in Australia that is using a quoting system built in Filemaker and the system is a little too complex and basic for where I think our business model needs to go to improve sales and increase speed of generating quotes to clients.

My idea is to basically to build a password protected online store / quoting system that piggy backs our main website. So our reps can log into the website area via computer or mobile devices to quickly generate a quote for their client, quickly and accurately each time. Taking away the manual entry of Filemaker in its current form.

I have built a test version with Woocommerce and some plug ins for variations and it is in line of where I want to go.

However, we have locally made products, overseas suppliers and custom made product.

  1. Locally made products. In theory we would try and load a formula in the back end to do this maths on the front ends based on what is requested and this would be in local currency.
  2. We wanted to load all our International products with all their variants - fabrics, colours and woods available etc. So it would be Product 1 + a + b = 1ab but this might be in $US or ÔéČEURO and we need this to convert into an $AU value including our formula for container costs and any international duties.
    I have a very hard time finding any plugins that can do this feature and I think it is outside my scope of ability to code this.
  3. Custom Made product - This would basically put the quote almost in a pending state so someone from the buying team could get it costed from locally suppliers, then put that information into the quote and send it back to a BDM to then send to a customer.

I understand this is a bit more in depth than a standard eCommerce website. I was just wondering if anyone here had any thoughts and to push me in the right direction to see what is available. I was trying to stay inside the Wordpress environment but happy to look at alternatives. I just thought with Wordpress there is a lot of developers out there and the technology would a bit more up to date than previous systems we have used. Where we get to a stable version and the system stays at that state and no-one knows how to update it with improvements we need as the business changes.

If anyone can help that would be great.

Thank you,