Quitting Audiojungle

Hey everyone.

I recently came across the platform Audiojungle for selling commercial music and actually making a living of what I love and studied for all those years. As I began the journey, I got hooked with making logos and idents and i thought it’s a good starting point to see how the site works and processes music. Sadly, after all this work I put into just creating the account and the files to look attractive, I found that every single one of my logos got hard rejected for not fulfilling “the quality standard required to move forward”. As it’s unsettling to wait for 12 days to eventually get your pieces rejected, there isn’t any way to know for sure if the track you are working on is going to pass the “audition” of the reviewer, living me with much insecurity about the future pieces I will make and with the question if it’s really worth it in the end. I can’t take back the time I spent for it or the extremely long time I waited to see if something will get accepted. In conclusion, there isn’t a profund way to know for sure if something you make will pass the test, unless you copy another person’s work, just using another chord progression and melody. I understand the marketing aspect of promoting what sells more, but that works in my opinion against creativity and not everyone needs “Two steps from Hell”-like music. There are other individuals that will benefit from something different, maybe a smaller percentage, but eventually it will sell, giving the site and the seller some profit.

Leaving that here, those are the pieces that got rejected (all with the same copy-paste message) in the chronological order that i made them.

Epic Dark Orchestra Logo

Epic Cinematic Logo

Epic Cinematic Orchestra Logo

Regards and thanks for reading

In my opinion, your samples sound outdated and cheap. Try purchasing some high quality orchestral sample libraries. There are plenty, although they are not cheap. Also the melodies sound all over the place. I would try something much simpler and well known chord progressions. Hope this helps!


Epic Cinematic Orchestra Logo was nice. The other two sounded a little messy in my opinion.

Anyway, I don’t know if you are exclusive or not, but Audiojungle is not the only place to sell your music. There are a lot of options out there. Do your research.

I had a christmas track that was hard rejected here. The same track was sold a couple of times in other sites. Just don’t stress if you don’t sell or get rejected. Make more and better music. Upload and forget.

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Hi AlphaProcess,

Buckle your seatbelt, here’s some feedback:

  • First one sound way too quantized, busy and MIDI. I mean, 80s/90s era MIDI.

  • Second one suffer from same problems. Market your logos with a 80s/90s titles?

  • Third one is better, but could benefit from learning how quantization/velocity/expression works, for a start…

I think you really need to learn how to work with virtual instruments to make them sound more natural. What I listened to could have been spitted out by a robot. Probably not what most customers are searching for…

Good luck. Learn, respect feedback, experiment. Then, upload again. Composition-wise, I think your ideas could work well for some retro video games projects (Castlevania spin-off and such). Keep at it. You are not that far from being accepted. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that in detail and honest feedback. I hear you and i will consider what you said on the next tracks i make. I hope I´ll find a way through Audiojungle.


That’s the spirit. :slight_smile:

Good luck again.


I listened to your logo. i made some orchestral stingers, too, and they sold quite well

expensive libraries are not always needed. the orchestral fanfares in that collection were made with garritan personal and instant orchestra.
also, they actually didn’t took a lot of time to compose (maybe 10-20 minutes each?!). once you have a track and mix template, it’s just a matter of putting down the notes. everything is very straightforward and what works for one logo will work also for the next one.

i support the comment of other people, your sound is really “old” and “MIDI” don’t know if it is the arrangement, the mix or the sample itself.
but surely there is a market for these logos.
don’t worry about rejection. just write music and have fun doing that!
(…and don’t expect to make millions os $$$! :D)

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Nice composition and arrangements! I think you should invest some time (or even money) in more fastidious selection of virtual instruments. I’m pretty sure your logos can sound more natural, spatial and full.

All the best!

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