Quick question on naming themes

My theme was soft rejected due to naming, and I wanted to see if I could get some clarification before re-submitting.

My theme was initially named “Aurora”, but I had made some bug fixes and reuploaded as “Aurora Focused” as I was already using the textdomain of “aurora-ft” for Aurora Focused Theme.

“Aurora Focused” doesn’t exist in ThemeForest, but “Aurora” does. Though I’m sure most words have a theme out there on ThemeForest.

Now I did manage to miss editing the Item Title when I resubmitted so it still showed “Aurora”. I just wanted to see if “Aurora Focused” was enough of a change (along with actually updating the item title) or if I need to consider further changes before resubmitting.

Thanks for any help.

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You should change it to "Arorua: :crazy_face:


That could work. Now if only time I resubmitted it with the name changed the Name field didn’t revert itself to the original. :thinking:

Aurora can be translated from Latin as “Morning Light”.

It could be a cool theme name :smiley:

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