Quick question for theme developers about a button shortcode


I’m working on a project where an old WP website has to be brought to live.
It contains a lot of old shortcodes which are not recognized anymore, after the website owner changed the theme.

One of this legacy shortcode is a button shortcode like this:
[button link=”https://envato.com″ size=”medium” target=”self”]Envato[/button]

I searched on Google and it seems a lot of Envato theme authors are using this shortcode, they include it in the theme.

So, can you please tell me where I find the WP plugin that uses this exact shortcode?
Thank you!

It doesn’t work that way. The naming of the shortcode can vary and while the author can use the name [button] for the same name shortcode, a plugin may add a prefix to it to avoid any conflict like [plg_button]. Thus, it’s not about specific plugin, you can use any plugin and then replace the word “button” in your shortcode with the corresponding counterpart.

Thank you! This is what I did, in the end. I used a button plugin which had similar parameters, then I used a Search&replace plugin to replace all occurences with [button params…]
In the beginning, I thought that everyone is using in their themes a standard button plugin, that is why I asked…
Thank you once again!

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