Quick Question About the Theme Upload


When uploading the theme into ThemeForest, it’s all about the design, right?
So I’m wondering that if I have on my theme preview site a page and content block samples (on different pages e.g www.my-preview/page-sample-1 and www.my-preview/block-sample-2 etc…) and those samples represents a completely different design.

For example, I’d like to keep my one-page “beauty shop” example on my theme preview site, but the shop looks a lot better with, so called “beautiful” font. So can I use a different fonts/buttons on different pages without getting hard rejected?

In my opinion, if I were a customer, it would be a nice to see different designs on the theme preview. As long as the differences aren’t on the same page ofc.

This might sound a silly question but I figured that more likely I ask a weird question(s) than waiting a few weeks and get hard rejected :grinning:

You can create as many design variations as you want. However, it is still good to keep a common design concept.

Definitely yes.