Queuing time for review is too long

I uploaded my first WordPress entry but it’s been 13 days and it’s still in the review queue.
I don’t know if something could go into error or not. Seek advice from experienced authors.
Thank you very much


I have same situation with you. After a few hours it will be 10days.

Now a days item review time is increasing:

Please keep patience, hope will review your item as quickly they can.



Once, we had waited over 90 days to get the review for WordPress theme


90 days! hahah did that Christmas theme come out wrong? lol

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Yes, Thank you very much :muscle:

If you wanna feel better, one of the Elite Author is actually theme reviewer as well :slight_smile:

Don’t know what happened to Envato, past 30 days Average Review time is 10days. We are not getting any proper reason for Too Long Review Time, Before this we used to get review within 1 - 2 days and max 3 days. Please SomeOne Give a Proper Reason @benleong @kingdog @camgough

Thanks and Regards