Queued for Review from 6 days

I submit my design about 6 days ago but still it’s in “Queued for Review” is it normal or i have to cancel it and resubmit?
This is the first time it took that much long.

don’t cancel just wait…

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Don’t Cancel :slight_smile: If u cancel and resubmit again u want to wait again 6+ days. So, please wait for 2 or 3 days

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Thanks Mehedi Hassan and Steel Themes :wink: i thought i have done something wrong :stuck_out_tongue: i was about to cancel it but Thanks God first came here :slight_smile:

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Don’t cancel it, you need to wait for 2-3 days. :smile:

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Don’t wait for 2 or 3 days… wait until the end of time. It won’t take that long, but if you wait 2 or 3 days, then you’ll be expecting something to happen when the 3rd day is up, and there’s a chance that nothing will. In the meantime, go out and play, make more items, learn a new skill etc.

My product has been in the queue for 8 days now - still waiting patiently :wink:

You’re right!

I think Saturday and Sunday reviewer is on holiday.

I think Envato co founder should hire 100 reviewers!!

then a lot of files will be displayed in short amount of time, your item once accepted will be in the 5th page in 1 hour lol

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hahaha right MbrEffects :smiley: waiting is much batter then 5th page :smiley: with 1 sale instead of 10


this is the problem with uneven flows of newly accepted items indeed

u want to pay more fees buddy? or wait a bit longer? as for me, i would like to be reviewed in 3 days all the time and have no additional fees, but i am afraid that this is not possible and that we have to choose from first two options, so i’d better wait in my case …

no buddy the fact of the matter is that this is synonymous, as waiting for too long, basically means also that they speed up at a time and “empty” the queue and that tons of items are realized at the same time … so u get accepted and shift from page 1 to 5 in less than one hour … so no exposure

my file has been queued for over 5 days now, i don’t know when this is going to be reviewed … i hope as soon as possible lol

yep, if in another planet review time was 1 day for example i will be asking for 4 days :smiley: that feeling of being on the first page is irreplaceable

the first page means exposure a bit and naturally enough we al aspire to being there for as long as possible. however, nowadays, lots of guys consider that this is has no impact anymore as items keep there for too much of a little time because there are so many authors and items that cuts the benefit of it …

Hey guys, wait over and design got rejected :confused: here i submit it please help me to make it perfect. Need Feedback for a design